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Empowering all segments of The New TV Ecosystem

with the technology, marketplaces, guidance, insights, and advocacy required to ensure marketers can achieve their advertising goals.
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Unlock the true power of TV.

TV has always been the master of scale and reach.

And now, it can deliver the robust end-to-end automation and transparency that marketers have been waiting for.

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The Difference
is the Tech

We have Gateways in place with our inventory providers, an advantage that none of our competitors can tout. These Gateways allow us to optimize inventory for our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible so that we get the best campaign results consistently.


Our technology makes planning and buying easier for you. Proprietary technology embedded in inventory partner traffic systems connects us to MSOs and other MVPDs across a national footprint, enabling truly automated end-to-end media execution.

Advanced Data

AudienceXpress partners with several industry-leading 3rd party data providers to offer you the best-in-class advanced data services. Layered on top of our proprietary technology, these data offerings streamline your campaigns and find your most valuable audiences so you don’t have to do the work. We’ll take care of it for you and get the most value for your ad buys.

Precision Delivery

We have access to proprietary Gateways deployed at scale for dynamic ad insertion across MVPDs on more than 160 networks. Touchless traffic operation with TV inventory partners guarantees automated delivery and reporting. Our platform and partnerships deliver TV ad impressions on a national scale, automatically.

Absolute Transparency

See the exact net/daypart/data mix before you buy and adjust according to your specs. You go in with eyes wide open.

GatewayThe proprietary technology embedded in inventory partner traffic systems to enable truly automated end-to-end media execution.
Advanced TV DataWe work with all of the industry-leading 3rd party data providers to get you access to the best segments.
Automated Planning and BuyingOur technology handles the buying, planning, and trafficking - automatically- so you don't have to.
Ongoing Precision DeliveryWe call our plan optimizer 'Level' because it levels out your campaign, ensuring that impressions will be on target.
Next Day ReportingFaster than most, we can provide campaign results within 24 hours. Now that's efficient.
How Progammatic TV buying works infographic

Discover AudienceXpress


Our strategy is to partner and integrate with best-in-class tech platforms

across all media channels including TV. With [the AudienceXpress] API, our team will be able to manage all facets of our programmatic TV campaigns independently and seamlessly.”

DAVID CAMPANELLI, EVP and Director of National TV at Horizon Media

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